According to today’s research, there are a number of chemicals used in every day products we use that cause complications with our health. It is proven that many of them can actually cause cancer. Additionally, it is suspected that these chemicals cause other issues, including hormonal imbalances, autoimmune diseases and more.


The Hospitality Coalition on Indoor Air Quality has a two-fold goal to educate consumers and also fight for their health. The HCIAQ believes that health a person’s health determines their quality of life. They are seeking to raise consumer awareness of these chemicals used in their every day products and encourage them to use their voice to demand safer products.


These chemicals are found in products such as carpet, furniture, clothing, home décor products, air fresheners, and more. While they may provide some benefits such as making a room smell nice or preventing stains, they pose major health risks. The HCIAQ is calling for manufacturers to find new, non-toxic alternatives to these chemicals.


The HCIAQ is very aware that consumers have very little say in whether or not they are exposed to these harmful toxins because they are used in essential, every day products. Even those consumers who are careful to avoid harmful toxins in their own purchases find it impossible to avoid these chemicals in public.


To combat the use of these chemicals, the HCIAQ does 2 things:


  1. Educate consumers. The HCIAQ educates consumers on these harmful toxins and what they do to their health. They also provide a list of products and companies that do not use toxic chemicals, helping to provide choices for consumers.
  2. They work to outlaw the use of toxic chemicals. The HCIAQ is constantly working with lawmakers on strategies for eliminating the use of harmful toxins in household and business products. They work tirelessly to educate and convince lawmakers of the importance of eliminating these toxins for the health of the people.


Do you have unexplained health complications? It could be due in part to the chemicals in the air you breathe. But do you know what to do about it? If not, don’t worry! We can help. Check out our blog for tips on how to be sure the air you breathe is clean and pure. You’ll also find products and brands that are committed to staying chemical free for your health. Your life doesn’t have to be limiting because you avoid these chemicals. There are options, and we want to make sure you know about them.


And finally, how do you avoid these toxins when you go out in public? Clearly, not everyone understands yet the importance of chemical free living. What do you do about the chemicals in the carpet in your workplace or the chemicals in the furniture at your friend’s house? There are options for reducing exposure to these chemicals, such as air purifying units and even plants. This is another topic we’ll be covering on our blog, so be sure to check it out here.